Welcome to Otter Creek Brittanys!

See "Litters Whelped" for more information!

Litter #1 - Francis/Bone Litter
Over the years we have acquired dogs with the highest quality pedigrees, championship bloodlines and proven athletic ability. We have mated Francis (Otter Creek Fancy Francis), who has obtained her NSTRA Championship, to our recently acquired Bone (FG Special Microteq Bullet).

The Francis/Bone litter whelped 29 Sept. 2017 and we are very pleased to see that they are big, strong, healthy pups.

There are five male pups available. We are retaining two of them for development here at Otter Creek. They will be presented in September 2018 as well started pups, ready to go to the field. For further information, please give us a call.

Litter #2 - Ruby/Bone Litter - THIS LITTER HAS BEEN SOLD
We also decided to breed Bone (FG Special Microteq Bullet) to Ruby (High Rolling Ruby), our most recent NSTRA Amateur champion. This should be a very outstanding match!

The pedigree just couldn’t be better for the production of the true Brittany example. This is a first cross breeding and some breeders feel that this adds to the quality of the progeny.

Both the sire and the dam display a lot of intelligence and have highly socialized personalities. We’re looking forward to this outstanding litter of pups!

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