Nick NameBone
OwnerRoger & Deb Meline
BreedAmerican Brittany
ColorWhite / Orange
Whelped Date06/26/2014
Current Age4.1 Years
PriceNot For Sale
LocationJordan AR

Bone (FG Special Microteq Bullet) recently became available and we jumped at the chance to acquire this young, extremely well-bred dog. Take a look at his pedigree and I’m sure you will agree that it is ideal.

We’re particularly pleased with the fact that his sire is Tex (Shale Valley’s Microteq Bullet), who is also the sire of Watson (TJ’s Micro-Tequila Watson). Some of Watson’s accomplishments include the 2014 Trial of Champions Champion, the 2014 Dog of the Year finalist, the 2015 Dog of the Year Champion, the 2015 Florida Regional Champion, the 2017 Florida Regional Champion and many more accolades. Otter Creek Brittanys is the breeder of Watson and still owns his mother, Mel’s Ginger (retired).

We are preparing Bone for field trials this coming year and we are very optimistic about his chances to be extremely competitive. He has a great nose, lots of prey-drive, covers the ground exceptionally well and is a very attractive dog.

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