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Sharron Watson, co-owner along with Clayton Ashmore, of Clayton’s TJ Micro-Tequila Watson (“Watson”), 2-time NSTRA Champion and Champion of the 2014 NSTRA Trial of Champions, recently visited Otter Creek Brittanys to pick up her newest puppy prospect.

Sharron selected “Peanut”, now known as “Kandy, a female pup out of Jakes Hammering Rebel and High Rolling Ruby (see Our Dogs). Kandy will have a bright future under the supervision and training of Sam and Clayton Ashmore in the NSTRA Florida Region.

Sharron is also co-owner of now 7-time NSTRA Champion Buddy’s Mini-Cooper (“Cooper”). Cooper and Watson will continue to compete in NSTRA Trials in the 2015 season while Kandy will be starting her training.

Otter Creek Brittanys is proud to be the breeders of Watson. Watson is out of Shale Valley’s Microteq Bullet and Mel’s Ginger (Little Girl, see Our Dogs) and was whelped in September of 2012. Watson won the NSTRA Trial of Champions in Amo, Indiana at age 2-1/2!

Thank you Sharron, Nancy & Brandy Ashmore for making the trip from Florida. We had a wonderful evening and certainly enjoyed watching the selection process!

Watch for Watson and Cooper in the upcoming NSTRA season…and look forward to seeing Kandy in the future!

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